City Championship

Saturday  11/11/00

Van Cortland Park  45 windy cool








Varsity Race                                               JV  Race


Miceli                17:11   (-0:07)                                    Pati                 18:36

Yuneman          17:12   (-0:05)                                   White               19:03   (-0:10)

Gueli                17:13   (-0:23)                                   Price                19:14

Cooney            17:34                                                Kirchoff             19:58  (-0:04)

Gorynski         17:43                                                 Czyzak            19:59   (-0:21)

Dolan              17:44   (-0:34)                                     Rapple             20:03   (-0:16)

                                                                                 Termini            21:30  

                                                                                  Young             22:00


Both  Teams  Finished  Third   Team Plaque  and Team Medals






Coach’s  CommentsCross-Country is now over for most of the team.  The varsity still has the State Championship this week.  Our performance’s in the city as well as the entire year was great.  Your work habits and attitude was very good all year long and it made the season enjoyable.  Those of you running Indoor and not competing in the State Championship will  begin training for indoor.  If the effort that was put in for XC is carried over to indoor, you will be surprised with how well you will run this season.