Jim  Smith Invitational

Sunken Meadow, LI

Saturday 9/14/02



                                                Junior Race 5K


                                                            Eichele                        27:57


Total Runners: 198


                             Freshmen  Race  1.5 Miles


                                    Featherston                  9:52   (-0:34)   22nd Place  Shirt      

                                    Dermigny                    10:58                  52nd

                                    Catherall                      11:01   (-5:03)    55th

                                    Smith                           11:56   (-5:02)    94th

                                    Cruz                            13:43   (-2:23)  175th

                                    Ribaudo                      13:58  (-4:47)  181st



 Total Runners:  343



Team  Placed 9th out of 55 schools




Coach’s Comments - - Placing 9th out of 55 schools was great!  The more you race the more confidence you will get.  Confidence in your ability to do well is very important.  This course was tougher than the time trial you ran and all of you made an improvement.  The times in the parenthesizes are the improvement from the time trial.  Next week everyone will run at Van Cortland the course where your Championships are held.  You will be competing against many teams from the CHSAA.  We will have a meeting this Tuesday before practice to answer any questions you may have.  Get changed first the go to room W105 practice will follow the meeting.  You can get copies of the results at practice.


Everyone did a great job this weekend on a very tough course.