Manhattan College Invitational

Van Cortland Park

Saturday 10/12/02 60 rainy & muddy



Freshmen “A”  Race A                               


Dermigny                    11:39   (-0:39)   36th Place  Medal                                         

Smith                           12:13   (-1:00)   68th Place  Medal                                                                 

Catherall                      12:15                 72nd Place Medal                                          

Hecker                         13:15                 88th  Place Medal                             

Ribaudo                      13:29   (-1:00)   93rd Place Medal                                            

Cruz                            13:31   (-0:52)   94th Place Medal                                                                  

McCann                      14:40               114th Place


Team Finished 10th                 Total Teams: 45        


Total Runners: 298




Varsity  Race  “D” Race


Edwards          17:23   (-1:05)    64th  Place Medal                

Griffing          18:24   (-0:41)100th  PlaceMedal                

Harrison          18:37              114th  Place                             

Moore             21:42   (-0:05)

Eichele                       21:43   (-1:10)            


Team Finished :  20th                                         Total Teams : 41


Total Runners : 272             


Coach’s Comments – Well, we finally ran in real Cross Country weather.  It wasn’t pretty but we did fairly well.  We had some improvements on a muddy course which is a very good sign for the rest of the season.  The BROOKYLN-QUEENS Championship is two weeks away and Varsity has a good chance in defending their title and the Freshmen team is capable of regaining the title.  To be able to accomplish further improvements on the individual and team level we need to start having confidence not only in our own ability but the ability of the team to do well.  The day of your races we need to be as positive as we can.  Believe that you and the team are the best that day.  If we want to win the Brooklyn-Queens Championship we will have to be the best team that day. 

What we are capable of doing and what we actually do depends on what each of you wants to achieve.  Interval practices are a way of preparing yourself for your races, both physically and mentally.  How you approach practices is how you will approach races.  I think we are capable of winning both titles but what you think is more important.