Nazareth Invitational

Van Cortland Park

Saturday  9/28/02



Frosh  “A” Team  1.5 Miles                Frosh  “B” Team 1.5 Miles


Featherston    10:26 (-0:07)     1st Place Medal                      McCann         14:38   (-1:04)    86thPlace

Sorokko           10:27(-0:14)     2nd Place Medal                     Providence     15:25               103rdPlace

Catherall          12:12(-0:45)   20th Place Medal                      Amato                        15:36               110th Place

Dermigny        12:18               23rd Place Medal                      Valme             15:50               116thPlace

Smith               13:13(-0:55)   45th Place Medal                     Jones              20:50               149thPlace

Cruz                14:23(-0:03)   78th Place

Ribaudo          14:29(-0:01)   85th Place


“A” Team Placed Second                          “B” Team placed 15th

Plaque & Team Medals


Total Teams  :  28


Total Runners:  225




Varsity  Race  & Combo Race     2.5 Miles


Edwards          18:28   Medal

Griffing           19:09   Medal

Crawford       22:58

Hyatt (so)        23:20

Hyatt (sr)         25:18



Coach’s Comments – This was a great meet.  Many of you improved from the first time.  The freshmen placing second in this meet of 28 teams and the B team placing 15th was outstanding.  On the Varsity level we finally have 7 girls that have gone over the course.  Each time you race you will get better.  I hope with the results from this meet you realize that we have a very good team.  The varsity and the freshmen teams will do very well in the Brooklyn-Queens championship.  You all have demonstrated that you are capable and willing to work and your races are getting better each week.  Use the practices to develop more confidence in your own ability by trying a little harder each week.  The TEAM concept that was talked about on Friday starts today and you will be surprised the effect it will have on your ability to perform when it counts.  As we enter each practice and meet knowing we can rely on each other to help to push us when we are tired is important. 

            This week most people are off.  More people deserve to go to Grout but we are very limited with the amount.  Try to get in some running this long weekend.  The following weekend is Manhattan College Invitational the largest HS meet in the country so be ready for crowds.