Regis  Invitational

Van Cortland Park

Saturday 9/21/02  82 Sunny & Hot






                                    Freshmen  Race 1.5 miles


Featherston       10:32       2nd  Place   Medal     9 seconds off the Top 20 Record List

Sorokko            10:40       4th  Place    Medal  17 seconds off the Top 20 Record List

Catherall           12:57     27th  Place    Medal

Smith                14:05     40th  Place    Medal

Cruz                  14:23     45th  Place    Medal

Ribaudo            14:28     48th  Place    Medal

McCann            15:42   102nd  Place


Total Runners:  123



Coach’s Comments – Practices have been hard the past two weeks, (this week also).  The purpose is to build up strength.  To be able to do this you may feel a little tired.  Too be able to run as well as this team has, means that when we start to taper off, you can expect to make a big drop in time.  This was the first time for most of you over this course and you did very well.  Van Cortland is where your Brooklyn-Queens Championship and the City Championship are held.  The more you run on a course the more confident you become about doing well.  Next week is the Nazareth Invitational and has a point score so Team Trophies and medals will be given out.  We have a very good team that is getting better each week.  Confidence is what is lacking, start believe in yourselves that you are a good team.  At practice don’t be afraid to push yourself because that will help you at races.  At practices try to push yourselves a little more each day and you will be surprised with the results.  The results from this week shows that we are capable of winning the Freshmen Brooklyn-Queens Championship as long as we continue to practice hard and stay positive.