Brooklyn-Queens Championship

Van Cortland Park

Saturday  10/27/07



Freshman Race  1.5 miles 


M. Autz                       12:12                 2nd     Place Medal

Andrade                      12:49                  6th     Place Medal

Russo                          13:31               12th     Place Medal

Callahan                      13:35               13th     Place Medal

Leibowitz                    13:41               17th     Place Medal

Mullarkey                    13:49               18th     Place Medal


TEAM  PLACED SECOND  Plaque and team medals


Varsity 2.5 miles


Roa                             16:34                  1st     Place Medal  BROOKLYN-QUEENS CHAMPION

Vassilatos                    17:11                  5th     Place Medal

Donn                           18:46               14th      Place Medal

Ahmady                      19:13               18th      Place Medal

Reynolds                     19:40               20th      Place Medal

Gordon                        19:44               21st      Place Medal

Gomez                         19:55               24th      Place Medal


TEAM  PLACED SECOND  Plaque and team medals



JV Race 2.5 Miles


DeRienzo                    19:35                 1st      Place Medal  BROOKLYN-QUEENS CHAMPION

Lessa                           20:17                 2nd       Place Medal  

Klemm                         20:18                 3rd      Place Medal

May                             20:55                 7th      Place Medal

L.Autz                         21:43                 9th      Place Medal

Monaco                       22:32               16th      Place Medal

Mondello                     23:04               17th      Place Medal

Drazevic                      23:30               18th      Place Medal

Munoz                         23:31               19th      Place Medal

Holden                        23:32               20th      Place Medal

Richter                        23:37               21st      Place Medal

Schnurr                       24:33               24th      Place

Atehortua                    29:27               28th      Place

Cousins                       30:47               30th      Place


TEAM  PLACED FIRST  Plaque and team medals